Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The top Geek jokes I've heard

I don't know about you, but I love nerdy jokes. And no, I'm not talking about smart science and math jokes. Nope, I'm talking about jokes about movies/books. So yeah....... since I'm running out of thing to say I'll just get right to them.

Why did Anakin cross the road?

Answer: to get too the dark side

Why was Thor a brat in his first movie?

Answer: he wasn't down too earth

Why didn't Steve and Peggy get married?

Answer: Steve got cold feet

What is an Avengers favorite type of humor?

Answer: Starkasm

How does Kronos like his coffee?

Answer: Lukewarm

Why don't Wookies like caramel?

Answer: It's too chewy

Why can't you email a Jedi a photo?

Answer: Because attachments are forbidden

Where is Finnick? Odair he is

What is Walt stones favorite sweetener?

Answer: Kane sugar

What do you call a Jedi who cries?

Answer: Force sensitive

I know, I know. All of the jokes are terrible. But don't you think that they're at least a little funny?
*Cricket noises* Wow, Ok then. I guess I need to work more on my jokeonomy. Or else I could just pretend to be British. Everything is funny when you say it in a British accent. XD
Until next time............

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