Saturday, June 3, 2017

Realistic Character Development

What makes a good story? Some may argue that the plot is the best part, others the theme, and those named Michael Bay will probably say unnecessary explosions. Personally, I tend to think the characters are the most crucial component. Without characters where is the meat of the story? Sure, plots are important as well as they set what the character's goals are, but I don't honestly think anyone will care whether or not all of humanity is saved if all your characters are area bunch of mindless drones.

This leads to the question of what is crucial to making a good character. And honestly there could be all sorts of answers, their personality, their redeemable qualities, the color of their eyes, etc.... however, I tend to think that he big key to creating fun, likeable, characters is how their development is handled, for without character development the characters themselves wouldn't feel like real people and that's the whole point of characters right? We get so much more emotionally invested in them as we get to learn new things about them along the way.

However, I've found some assumptions about character development to be rather unrealistic. It's usually assumed that there's only one type of character growth. The kind where the character subtly becomes a better person or we learn better things about them along the way, and while this development is all well and good, life isn't always like that.

Not everyone in life honestly gets better. Sometimes people get sharper rather then softer, mean instead of nice.

Many fans of The West Wing were disappointed in how Joshua Lyman's character was handled in the last few seasons. We had grown quite attatched to the funny hot headed deputy chief of staff and so were quite disappointed when he became mean and stuck up.  After living off of caffeine an 2 hours of sleep every day for the past sixish years it was only a matter of time before he snapped.

There's nothing beautiful or glorious about it, but it's pretty darn realistic. Sometimes life hands you lemons and instead of making lemonade you just want to squirt them in someone's eyes. That's realistic and it's life

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Lightporter Cover Reveal

Hello everyone! Today I am privleged to share with you the cover reveal for Lightporter, the sequel to the awesome book Twinepathy!!
Before I show the cover, I would first like to share the synopsis of the 1st with you via Goodreads:
Albany York has a secret.

Albany and her twin sister, Brooklyn, have spent years successfully hiding their telepathic connection. But when a girl falls unconscious at their doorstep, the girls learn that they might not be the only people in the world with extraordinary powers and that a memory thief is on the loose. As the twins try to help the girl find her memories, they discover that the superhero world might be bigger—and more dangerous—than they ever imagined.
And now... for the big moment.... the cover!!
                                                          Isn't it awesome???
You can connect with the author on pinterest and goodreads here:
Also, the book Twinepathy is going on sale for 99c today only!!! If you haven't picked it up I suggest you do so, you will not regret it!!


Saturday, May 6, 2017

15 Bookish Moments

#1.  That moment when you find out the sequel to a book is a different size then the previous one.

#2. That moment when you run out of room on your bookshelf

#3. That moment when you're so tired that you continually have to re-read the same paragraph over and over again

#4. That moment when you have to be somewhere but all you want to do is stay home and read

#5. That moment when you go into a reading slump

#6. That moment when your reading in public and all of a sudden you read a plot twist that makes you screech like a Behemoth on steroids

#7. That moment when you buy a used book and the book cover looks like it's been to Tartarus

#8. That moment when the sequel in one of your favorite series disappoints

#9. That moment when you realize your book budget is as low as your love for hallmark movies

#10. That moment when you spill coffee on your book

#11.That moment when a book series suddenly gets inappropriate

#12. That moment when the movie adaption to a book is totally inaccurate (I'm looking at you Percy Jackson)

#13. That moment when you look at just about any type of fan art

#14. That moment when you go on pinterest and read headcanons that have no idea what the characters personalities are.

#15. That moment when you have a new fandom that none of your friends have ever heard of.

#16. That moment when you read a book you love and realize it's fandom is as non-existent as the population of Alderaan

Saturday, April 29, 2017

When Is It Ok For Art To Include Profanity?

The world has been trending in many different areas lately. Over the past decade movies, books, music, and any other type of art has been getting littered more and more with colorful language, which for the most part I believe is a bad thing.  However, I think once and a while profanity is permittable during certain circumstances.

Why do I believe this? Because it's realistic. Lets face it, the goal behind making a book or movie is not just to make it enjoyable, but to also make it believeable and realistic. Now, I'm not saying that every other word should be followed up with a big fat f bomb, but I do believe that it can sometimes be used to show emotion or impact. Still don't believe me? Fine, I will just have to give an example you ungrateful prunehead!

Say that your in the middle of a gigantic world war, the stakes are extremely high as in the losing side has to serve the other as slaves for life. Your side just lost. Along with that your best friend has just dies in your arms, and as far as you know everyone else you care about is dead as well, and you now know you will be a slave the rest of your life. How does that make you feel?? I would hope it wouldn't make you feel good. Now, given those circumstances, I think it's a pretty safe bet you won't say something like, "Wow, this really sucks" Or, "Darn it!" No! Your probably going to curse the banana you had for breakfast, and your mothers cow, the baseball glove you got for Christmas, your 9 year old pit bull and any other thing that comes to your mind.

It's circumstances like that where I believe it is justifiable. When the impact and emotions are running so high that there's no other word to describe what your feeling. We see this in Ant-Man when Scott Lang sums it all up by saying, "My days of stealing S**t are over" If he had said the word crap or something similar do you really think it would have felt the same, or had the same type of impact?

This does not mean that we should just go out throwing around swear words whenever we want though. We still need to keep to our morals and attempt to find ways around swearing like maybe using some milder ones or even some slang terms if we can, unless, of course, you just really need to use that one word to add that emotional effect.

If you do feel like you need to add profanity into some of your art, don't worry about what others might think or say about it, you're the author and you know what needs to go into the book. If you felt like profanity was justifiable to a situation then you have every right to put it in and those people have no right to criticize it! And besides, it' usually very clear whether the writer is using profanity for their own ammusmeant vs when they add it for a reason.

What do you guys think of profanity? Should it be occasionally permissible? What are some cases you've seen where it's been done right? Talk to me in the comments below.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Authors That Stand Out To Me And Why Part 1

Hey guys! I had at first intended to write a post about my predictions for Cars 3, but then I realized that wouldn't make for a very good post, so instead I am blogging about authors that stand out to me in their unique categories and why

#1 Brandon Sanderson: World Building.

Sanderson is known for doing a lot of great things with the fantasy genre, and world building is one of them. He has this way of incorporating races, and religion, and government, and any other world building thingy you can think of and incorporates it into his plot.

We see this very vividly in Elantris. Religion, magic, government, and lots of other details in his world are the main focus of his plot.

That's something that I love when it happens, where you can see that they didn't just create the world of the top of their head because they needed to, but because it's a main focus of the story. And if you haven't read Elantris then stop what you're doing (Unless you're reading this blog, in which case you're doing something just as valuable to your time) and go pick up a copy right now!

#2 Rick Riordan: Characters.

Go big or go home! that is pretty much Riordan's motto when it comes to writing characters.

Along with making his characters extremely likeable and overall amazing, he also slips in all kinds of little quirks that make them enjoyable as well.

His characters are just on a whole other level.

He should also be widely acknowledged for his character development. Any character of his that you don't like at first and isn't an antagonist you will eventually end up liking. His character development is off the charts!!!!  Take Alex Fierro for instance. I absolutely hated Her/Him (Alex is a complicated case) at first! He/She was that same boring oh I'm such a tough buff girl who hates everybody type of character. But then the story progressed.......... and *Spoiler alert* she really grew on me!

That's Riordan for you! Someone with talents no mortal could achieve, and some of the most sass I've ever seen.

#3 Eoin Colfer: Diversity

Ok, I'm not gonna lie. there's actually two reasons why Colfer is on this list. (A) Because he's Eoin Colfer and therefore should be included in all author realted posts and (B) because of his story diversity.

He wrote a series about an anti-hero who basically helps and yet makes trouble for a bunch of faries. He wrote a story about a plot to overthrow a kingdom. A book about a girl who has to help write a wrong if she wants to get to heaven. And finally a book about..... wait for it...... IRON MAN!

As you can see there is quite a bit of diversity in those stories. They do all contain certain Colfer smidgets in them such as his high level of snark, but the writing and plot all look completely different.

Time and time again he never ceases to impress me.

So those are just 3 particular authors that stand out to me in different ways.

Who are some authors that stand out to you and why? Let me know in the comments below and we shall rant about bookishness stuff!

Friday, April 7, 2017

Changes Coming

Hey guys! I just wanted to provide you guys with a quick update as to my blogging status.

Quit jumping for joy! I'm not quitting or anything!

You guys may have noticed that lately I've kind of been slacking off with my blogging. I have not been keeping well with the deadline I have set for myself, because, frankly, I haven't really been enjoying it. There's just been no motivation to do it lately, and because of that I usually end up typing a really crappy watered down blog post that just makes me sound like a robot carrot. And I think the main reason why I'm like this right now is I constantly am feeling pressure from myself to crank out a book related post. Don't get me wrong, I still love reading, nor do I ever think I will stop loving it. Sometimes though, I just simply feel drained from writing posts only about that all the time. 

So starting right now, I am simply going to blog about whatever I feel like. It may be about politics, movies, jokes about brass or even a life update.

That's not to say that I will no longer be writing about books. No, far from it. I'm simply going to expand my horizons, write about whatever's on my heart, sometimes even some personal things.

So yeah, I just though that I would provide all you awesome people with that update, and warn you this will be looking like a completely different blog soon. Cheers!

Saturday, April 1, 2017

The Book Sacrifice Tag

Hey guys! So I originally was going to write a book review on Elantris , but I realized that there is just so much I want to say about the book, and I haven't been home much for the past two days, so instead of the review, I will be doing: The Book sacrifice tag.

So let the questions begin.

#1. What book do you think was overhyped? 
 Ooh there are just so many. Which one, which one. I'm going to have to say Riders. When I first heard about this book, I was so excited! and rather then staying loyal to my TBR list ,I got this book from the library straightaway and put my TBR on hold. Then I read it.............  I had so many issues with it, the main problem being I did not like the MC at all. He just didn't really have any qualities about him that I liked or respected, and when I'm unable to enjoy the protagonist of the story, there's usually a problem

#2. What was a sequel you hated?
The Scorch Trials. The sad thing is, I really enjoyed the first book of the trilogy. It had a great concept to it and I didn't find myself trying to rewrite every single sentence of it. Alas, the second and third drasticly fell down in terms of writing, subjecting the readers to endless torcher of reading his choppy writing. And for some reason Dashner decided it would be a good idea to throw in one of the worst female characters ever, the type of character that can only come from book hell: Brenda.

#3. What classical novel did you dislike most?
I would have to say Lord of the flies. I didn't really feel any connection to the characters due to the out of place writing style, and so I felt nothing when the characters were killed off.

#4. What one book in the world would you burn?
 I don't think my conscience would ever let me burn a book, but if I absolutely had to burn one it would probably be Eragon. This book is one of the few that I never finished. It bored me to tears, and the fact that it's been made into a whole series? I can't even think about it. For some reason these books are popular, which I'm not quite sure why, but hey there are weirder things that became popular *Cough* Twilight *Cough**Cough*

#5. What is a favorite book series of yours that you hated the ending of?
That's easy: The Heroes of Olympus. It had so much momentum going, the greeks and romans were going to work together, we would finally get to see what the next chapter for Percy holds, and there promised to be a great big battle. Well the so called "Great big battle" turned out to last about five pages, the ending just turned out to be really whimpy, and the book overall just really sucked. In the end it just all felt like fan fiction.

I'm simply stating my opinion of course, you may have a completely different opinion on them which is completely fine. After all, what goo would book discussions be if we were all in agreement.

Now is the point where I'm supposed to tag a few people, but I will not be tagging anyone because I usually forget a bunch of  people and end up feeling really bad about that so yeah.

If you think this looks fun and you want to do it consider yourself tagged. And when you do, leave a link to your post in the comments as I would love to see your answers for the tag.

Until next time!

Friday, March 24, 2017

How to Get Away With Murder

If you happen to have anger management issues like Anakin Skywalker, or are simply fed up with someone ,then you have probably thought of murdering them. If done right murder can be a very simple solution. It is (A) A way to dispose of someone without being rude (B) A way to dispense of multiple enemies, and (C) It makes your life much easier.

These all sound really great and all, but how do you go about killing someone? Well here are my 5 tips on how to get away with murder.

#1. Plan your escape route. I cannot stress this tip enough. Say that your victim is married, or still lives with his parents, and you happen to arouse one of them with all the noise. Things would get really bad really quick if you don't have an escape route planned. This is one of the first things you should plan. If you don't have an escape route, then don't even bother.

#2. Choose your method.  You'll likely want to avoid using a knife or a gun, as they can easily be traced back to you, and all the blood would stain the carpet. But other than that your options are pretty open. You can try using a really strong poison, or even placing a king colbra on their bed, whatever floats your boat. Just remember to try and use something that leaves as little evidence as possible.

#3. Wipe yourself clean.   You're going to have to find some place to be and an excuse for why you were there so you won't be blamed. You could try taking a vacation somewhere for a few weeks, or you could even try doing something as simple as going too the movies, just find some reason and you should be fine.

#4. Get rid of the witnesses. It's very likely that the people close to the victim will know about your prejudice against him, so you should quickly and quietly get rid off them. It doesn't matter how cute they are or how much you want to keep them, you have to do something about them.

And finally.....

#5. Find someone to blame.  Like I said earlier, this is a great way to dispose of multiple enemies. Try shifting the blame to someone else you don't like. If done right it should result in murder charges for the blamed, and you getting away Scott free.

So there you have it! a short but sweet guide on how to get away with murder. Let me know what you think in the comments below, and tell me what some of your methods for getting away with murder would be.

Friday, March 17, 2017

My Thoughts On Christian Fiction

You know what I love to see? A Christian fiction that I sincerely enjoy. Because I don't about you guys, but that is something I have struggled to find.

We as Christians have a responsibility to be unique, to not back away from the tough topics, and to not make reader/watchers bored to tears.

I've noticed these four things that MOST Christian Fiction has in common.

(A) They're about as Diverse as a Hallmark movie.
*Cough* Shadow Mancer *cough**Cough*

(B) The villains are all the same.
They're either completely bad (God forbid we have a gray villain) or else some sort of person they were close to died and they have now wandered away from their faith, but that's ok, because after they whine for most of the story the find God again in one. Single. Scene.

(C) They like cramming theology down your throat.

(D) They portray all non Christians as horrible people.
It's just like: "Hmm, lets add a few non Christians to this book and make them all evil" Yeah, sure. That Will REALLY help more people find Christ. It's ok if the villains are non Christians, but that doesn't mean, you know, all of them have to be jerks.

I know the authors mean well and all, but I wish they would go about it in a different way. They've become so desperate to get the message out, that they are either super preachy or else take liberties in order to try and make the stories interesting.

Christian stories just have so much potential to be deep and moving. Don't waste that potential. Keep striving towards creating that great story, and one day you will be glad you did.

But, of course, what do I know? I'm simply speaking as a reader, not a writer. And everyone knows that you have to be a writer in order to recognize quality writing.

What do you think of Christian Fiction? Do you have any favorites, and if so why? Talk to me in the comments below, and we shall have a lovely geek conversation.

Friday, March 10, 2017

Book to Movie Adaptions

Ah, book to movie adaptations. The very thing that makes you want to scream, stab something, and stress eat Ice cream all at the same time. If it's done well you want to watch it 100+ times. But if it isn't exactly what you had hoped, well....... lets just say the director will probably need security guards for the rest of their life.

Movies such as: Lord of the Rings and The Hunger Games, all stuck to the books and were huge successes. Although, that's probably all just completely coincidental.

Sadly, however, not all movies are smart. Some of them are just like: "I don't need you book! I'm going to be my own separate Bookson" 

To give an example let me talk (Rage) about a bad adaption. I'm pretty sure you guys know exactly which one: PERCY JACKSON!

Pretty much the only things recognizable to the books were (1) The characters names and (2) Luke Castellan's personality. The similarities end there.

The whole point of the quest was changed. For some reason the directors thought it would be a better plot if they went questing to find a bunch of pearls (Which were given to them in the beginning of the book) that let you teleport once, rather than them going to try to find a super powerful weapon that could start a civil war between the gods. Go figure

And get this. Percy. Did. Not. Make. One. Sarcastic. Comment. The. Whole. Movie. Just NO! Percy's sarcastic narration was one of the best things about the books.

Sometimes I just wish that the movies were people so I could murder them (Although, killing them wouldn't be that hard. I would probably just have to show it the book and it would just vanish. Sort of like how the Bible scares away demons)

But, of course, if you like the movies that's fine. I promise that I won't hunt you down and murder you. I'll only remove a few limbs. Much less messy that way (Ok, I'm not that creepy. I'm a nice person, I promise)

This whole post comes down to one sentence:

What did you think of the Percy Jackson movies or just adaptations in general. Do you like/not like them? Talk to me in the comments below. Come now, don't be shy, I only bite 50% of the time.


Saturday, March 4, 2017

Iron Man: The Gauntlet Review

Last month was not a great book month. The best books that I read  were, at best, Mediocre, except for one particular book. My book of the month, Iron Man: The Gauntlet.
That must have been a big surprise right? I mean, it's not like the post title or the big book cover at the top of the page gave it away. 

To start out with let me say that this book was decent but not the greatest. Don't get me wrong, I still very much enjoyed it, but I also felt like it was greatly lacking in a few areas.

The main reason I decided to read it was (A) It's about Tony Stark. And (B) It was written by one of my favorite authors: The brilliant Eoin Colfer. And, I mean, how could I go wrong? the book was written by Colfer for goodness sake.
 Since I'm a nice person and am always thoughtful of other people I will start with talking about what I liked about the book. So let's get to it.

What I liked: The author did something that many have tried, and failed to do: He made Tony snarky, but clean. Somehow someway he did it. And I really appreciated that.

I also really liked how the first chapter of the book shows Tony having a conversation with his father, and how we see throughout the book that that conversation impacted him on a deep level.

The Manor (a character who isn't quite a major or a minor character. Yes I made up that word. Deal with it) characters were well developed and quite interesting. There was never that one character whose narration got so boring I just wanted put the character in a blender and feed them to my dogs.

But where there are things that I did like, there are also.............

Things that I didn't like: While I did appreciate Colfer keeping Tony clean, I felt like he overdid it a little bit. Don't get me wrong, I didn't want Colfer to make him a pig, but I think to a point that sort of defines Batman's er. I mean Tony's (Same difference really. Both hare rich and both don't have parents anymore) character. At one point Stark mentions that he had given up drinking years before, which just felt like an in-Stark like thing. Little things like that just derived from Tony's character a little bit. I would have just preferred it if Colfer had just left out all those comments from Tony about how he had given up all of his addictions, it just didn't feel right coming from him. I'm not for guys being sluts, alcaholic's and all the likes, but I don't like it when characters personalities change either.

Another big complaint of mine is that the story came to a stand still and got rather dry at times. Which I know is a really lame complaint and all, but I'm going to complain about it anyway because I'm a grouchy grapefruit and all.

My final complaint is that the whole big plot is supposed to be about Tony surviving without his suit, and yet he is only without it for about 1 chapter. It just felt kind of misleading.

And wrap that up and give it to a child on Christmas. Cause were done.

have you read the book? What did you think of it? Do you read any Colfer books, and if so, what were some of your favorites? Talk to me in the comment below.

As a side note, I would really appreciate it if you would vote on the poll located at the top right hand corner. That is all, you may continue with your day peasant.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Introverts: Seperating Fact From Fiction

I have felt a great disturbance in the Force. As if millions of Introverts cried out in terror and then were suddenly silenced. 

Peoples, I've heard a lot of things about  Introverts. Some are true, while others have been false. So in this weeks post (Which I conveniently decided to write Friday night) I will set the record straight as I separate fact from fiction.


But first, let me define what an Introvert exactly is. An Introvert is not always what many picture, most of the time, everyone pictures a socially awkward, quiet person. And it is true, a lot of the time this is the case. However, these quirks have nothing to do with how introverted someone is, It really is just a quirk that many Introverts associate with.

What really defines Introverted and Extroverted is how the person gets  and deals with their energy. Extroverts get their energy from hanging out with people and going to social events, while Introverts get energy by curling up on the couch in their onesies and watching T.V. while Hording Ice Cream.

So........... now that I've finished with that brief explanation, I'll get on with the post.

#1. Introverts Don't like to talk: Fiction.  It's not so much That we don't like to talk as we don't like small talk. Were the type of people who will contribute to the conversation every once in a while when we have something important or sarcastic to say, but we are not the type to go up to and start chatting or keep a conversation going. But, I mean, it's not as if we cower in terror under our blankets every night when we remember we have to go to a social event the next day.

#2. Introverts Are avid readers: Depends.  This really depends on the person (Of course, then again all of these topics really depend on the person) Some Introverts do, and some don't. And don't forget that some Extroverts like to read too. This has nothing to do with how Introverted or Extroverted you are. It all just depends on what you enjoy.

#3. Introvert love to binge watch on Netflix: Mostly Fact.  I'm sure there are some of you Introverts out there who have not been seduced by: The Dark Side (Or is it Dork Side?) but, for the most part, from what I've seen anyway, yeah, it's true.

#4. Introverts have social anxiety: Depends.  Sometimes.........................

#5. Introverts are all socially awkward: Mostly Fact With the exception of a few, most I have met are socially awkward. Me included, but, don't forget there are different types of socially awkward. Some types just try to hide in a corner and  turn invisible, some try to be enjoyable and talk to people but are really bad at talking to people , and others try to be friendly and polite but avoid talking to strangers (I am this type) If your looking for  examples of this, think MR Darcy (The 1st type) Barry Allen/ The Flash (The 2nd type) and Captain America/Steve Rogers (3rd type) All three of these characters are remarkably different and yet extremely socially awkward.

#6. Introverts Get Along Better With Introverts Than Extroverts: Fiction  This is about as true as someone saying that The Percy Jackson movies stuck to the books. Some Introverts get along better with Introverts, and some get along better with Extroverts, there is no clear science to it. All of it just depends. I mean, I'm very introverted, and yet some of my best friends are Extroverts. So....... Fiction.

So there you have it! a brief rundown of the fact and fiction of an introvert.

What are some Facts and Fiction that you have noticed? Did I miss any? (I probably did)  Leave it in the comments below, and I will do my best to leave a normal non awkward reply.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

5 Overated and Underated Books

Don't you hate it when you get into an obscure fandom and there are hardly any other fans to geek out with? Or when you read something that is super popular and.............. it's really not so great. Well, that's a feeling that I'm sure every bookworm has some experience with. And that's what I'm going to talk about. (Or more realistically, babble)


#1. The Chronicles of Prydain        
Image result for the chronicles of Pydain
If you're looking for a lighthearted, clean fantasy series that is devoted to  Character development, plot twists and amazing characters, than look no further. As this is exactly that.

#2. The Robe
Image result for the robe book I don't read many biblical fictions, but ever since  I read this as part of my school (I'm homeschooled) I've been wanting to pick  up more of them. The plot, at first, isn't all that eye catching. It looks like is the classic Roman gladiator story where the MC (Or the gladiator)  goes through some life changing event and seeks out Jesus. And that's actually pretty much what it is. but it was never the plot that made this book fantastic , it's the way it was written. Somehow this book is just different. Read it! you won't regret it.

#3. Rangers Apprentice

Image result for Rangers ApprenticeWhile the argument could be made that this doesn't belong on the underrated list, due to it becoming increasingly popular over the past few years, I decided I'm putting it on anyway, because I think this series should be even more popular. I loved this series so much that  after reading it  I literally searched if there were any jobs similar to a Kings Ranger.  (*Sighs* No, there are no similar jobs)

#4. Airman
Image result for Airman Just the name of the author alone made me excited to read this, as Eoin Colfer is just downright brilliant, but as high as my expectations were, this book absolutely exceeded them. Not only does this have a great plot, a mechanical science feel to it, but it also is set in one of the best places possible: a kingdom. I mean, it's A KINGDOM! who wouldn't like that?

#5. Flowers for Algernon
Image result for flowers for algernon One of the few classics I ever liked. It's a unique but sad story that gives an insiders scoop on what it's like to be autistic. One of the things  I really like about this book  is the story is not at all sugar coated. It's  shown what it would be like if, theoretically, an intellectually challenged person suddenly underwent an intelligence increase. . This is a very emotionally raw book, but totally worth the read. Note: It can be rather inappropriate at times


#6. The Maze Runner
Image result for the maze runner I know, I know. Most of you probably love this series. But  I personally just couldn't get into it. The plot was good  and all, but beyond that, I really don't have many positive things  to say about it. The writing style was choppy at best.  The main character, who is supposed to be interesting and very likeable  I found a  flat. And Brenda was just  UGH! I understand that a lot of people liked this series, but I personally just found it kind of meh.

#7. Lord of the Flies
Image result for Lord of the flies Why on earth is this popular? Why? It is so boring!

#8. Riders
Image result for Riders book When I saw the plot of this I remember being super excited. And then I read it.................... It had good things about it such as: the characters having to learn to work together,  and, of course Sebastian, but there were some things I just couldn't get past. Like the main character (War) is an arrogant hotheaded jerk and he shows no signs of improving in these areas. He also seems to ,objectify  Darren a little bit.  He is, frankly, a butthead. And how am I suppose to  root for the characters when the MC is so ulikeable? That was just  one of my many problems with this book.

#9. Heroes of Olympus
Image result for heroes of olympus While the PJO series is the best thing since Chocolate,  this series was......... not quite up to that level.  Don't get me wrong, I still really liked this series. It had many familiar elements us Percy Jackson fans have gotten used to:  Sarcastic dialog, fun monster battles, some great new characters, and plot twists.  But it also introduced  some things I  haven't seen from Riordan before, and frankly didn't like. It definitely had a much darker theme to it. Which would have been fine and all, if it weren't for the fact that part of the reason the original books are so great is because of their sarcastic lighthearted feel. I also didn't like some of the worldly themes Riordan decided to incorporate into the series (*Cough* Nico *Cough*) and the unnecessary teen drama annoyed me.
Yet despite all the annoyed ranting, I did still enjoy the series, and I still recommend it.

#10. Narnia
Image result for Narnia books I just didn't like these for no reason in particular. They never clicked for me. That's not to say that you will not like them, it's just I did not. I really should have, but I didn't, case closed.

So there you have it! a list of 5 underrated and Overrated Books.  I'm sorry about not posting last week, I was sick. Which I know is a really lame excuse but............. still.

What books do you think are Overrated and Underrated and what are some of your favorites? Leave it in the comments below.