Tuesday, January 10, 2017

My 2017 goals

Now that 2016 is over; everyone has started setting personal goals for 2017. Whether those goals are something as casual as robbing a bank or interesting as reading Shakespear; everyone has them. So, I figured that I too would set some personal goals for 2017. Here they are:

#1. Get better at blogging. Being a good blogger is something I have not yet achieved. I have a hard time sticking to a certain time to blog. I usually have other priorities such as: Reading a book, watching a movie/TV show, finding a good place to hide a body, etc............. And thus, several weeks usually go by without me making a single blog- post which results in a lousy and rushed blog- post.

#2. Effectively shoot a bow. I'm pretty sure that if I were an archer in a battle there would be a higher chance of me accidentally impaling and killing myself with it than the enemy. That is something that I want to get better at for sure. After all, I want to be prepared in case an Orc shows up at my house.

#3. Get 50 subscribers. With a little help, I'm hoping to have 50 subscribers to my blog at the end of the year. So spread the word, tell your siblings, your friends, or even

#4. Read more classics. I have a very low tolerance for slow moving books. So....... yeah.

So those are my goals for 2017, hope you enjoyed. Leave a comment on what your 2017 goals are, and any advice for hiding a body would also be helpful.

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