Saturday, February 11, 2017

Introverts: Seperating Fact From Fiction

I have felt a great disturbance in the Force. As if millions of Introverts cried out in terror and then were suddenly silenced. 

Peoples, I've heard a lot of things about  Introverts. Some are true, while others have been false. So in this weeks post (Which I conveniently decided to write Friday night) I will set the record straight as I separate fact from fiction.


But first, let me define what an Introvert exactly is. An Introvert is not always what many picture, most of the time, everyone pictures a socially awkward, quiet person. And it is true, a lot of the time this is the case. However, these quirks have nothing to do with how introverted someone is, It really is just a quirk that many Introverts associate with.

What really defines Introverted and Extroverted is how the person gets  and deals with their energy. Extroverts get their energy from hanging out with people and going to social events, while Introverts get energy by curling up on the couch in their onesies and watching T.V. while Hording Ice Cream.

So........... now that I've finished with that brief explanation, I'll get on with the post.

#1. Introverts Don't like to talk: Fiction.  It's not so much That we don't like to talk as we don't like small talk. Were the type of people who will contribute to the conversation every once in a while when we have something important or sarcastic to say, but we are not the type to go up to and start chatting or keep a conversation going. But, I mean, it's not as if we cower in terror under our blankets every night when we remember we have to go to a social event the next day.

#2. Introverts Are avid readers: Depends.  This really depends on the person (Of course, then again all of these topics really depend on the person) Some Introverts do, and some don't. And don't forget that some Extroverts like to read too. This has nothing to do with how Introverted or Extroverted you are. It all just depends on what you enjoy.

#3. Introvert love to binge watch on Netflix: Mostly Fact.  I'm sure there are some of you Introverts out there who have not been seduced by: The Dark Side (Or is it Dork Side?) but, for the most part, from what I've seen anyway, yeah, it's true.

#4. Introverts have social anxiety: Depends.  Sometimes.........................

#5. Introverts are all socially awkward: Mostly Fact With the exception of a few, most I have met are socially awkward. Me included, but, don't forget there are different types of socially awkward. Some types just try to hide in a corner and  turn invisible, some try to be enjoyable and talk to people but are really bad at talking to people , and others try to be friendly and polite but avoid talking to strangers (I am this type) If your looking for  examples of this, think MR Darcy (The 1st type) Barry Allen/ The Flash (The 2nd type) and Captain America/Steve Rogers (3rd type) All three of these characters are remarkably different and yet extremely socially awkward.

#6. Introverts Get Along Better With Introverts Than Extroverts: Fiction  This is about as true as someone saying that The Percy Jackson movies stuck to the books. Some Introverts get along better with Introverts, and some get along better with Extroverts, there is no clear science to it. All of it just depends. I mean, I'm very introverted, and yet some of my best friends are Extroverts. So....... Fiction.

So there you have it! a brief rundown of the fact and fiction of an introvert.

What are some Facts and Fiction that you have noticed? Did I miss any? (I probably did)  Leave it in the comments below, and I will do my best to leave a normal non awkward reply.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

5 Overated and Underated Books

Don't you hate it when you get into an obscure fandom and there are hardly any other fans to geek out with? Or when you read something that is super popular and.............. it's really not so great. Well, that's a feeling that I'm sure every bookworm has some experience with. And that's what I'm going to talk about. (Or more realistically, babble)


#1. The Chronicles of Prydain        
Image result for the chronicles of Pydain
If you're looking for a lighthearted, clean fantasy series that is devoted to  Character development, plot twists and amazing characters, than look no further. As this is exactly that.

#2. The Robe
Image result for the robe book I don't read many biblical fictions, but ever since  I read this as part of my school (I'm homeschooled) I've been wanting to pick  up more of them. The plot, at first, isn't all that eye catching. It looks like is the classic Roman gladiator story where the MC (Or the gladiator)  goes through some life changing event and seeks out Jesus. And that's actually pretty much what it is. but it was never the plot that made this book fantastic , it's the way it was written. Somehow this book is just different. Read it! you won't regret it.

#3. Rangers Apprentice

Image result for Rangers ApprenticeWhile the argument could be made that this doesn't belong on the underrated list, due to it becoming increasingly popular over the past few years, I decided I'm putting it on anyway, because I think this series should be even more popular. I loved this series so much that  after reading it  I literally searched if there were any jobs similar to a Kings Ranger.  (*Sighs* No, there are no similar jobs)

#4. Airman
Image result for Airman Just the name of the author alone made me excited to read this, as Eoin Colfer is just downright brilliant, but as high as my expectations were, this book absolutely exceeded them. Not only does this have a great plot, a mechanical science feel to it, but it also is set in one of the best places possible: a kingdom. I mean, it's A KINGDOM! who wouldn't like that?

#5. Flowers for Algernon
Image result for flowers for algernon One of the few classics I ever liked. It's a unique but sad story that gives an insiders scoop on what it's like to be autistic. One of the things  I really like about this book  is the story is not at all sugar coated. It's  shown what it would be like if, theoretically, an intellectually challenged person suddenly underwent an intelligence increase. . This is a very emotionally raw book, but totally worth the read. Note: It can be rather inappropriate at times


#6. The Maze Runner
Image result for the maze runner I know, I know. Most of you probably love this series. But  I personally just couldn't get into it. The plot was good  and all, but beyond that, I really don't have many positive things  to say about it. The writing style was choppy at best.  The main character, who is supposed to be interesting and very likeable  I found a  flat. And Brenda was just  UGH! I understand that a lot of people liked this series, but I personally just found it kind of meh.

#7. Lord of the Flies
Image result for Lord of the flies Why on earth is this popular? Why? It is so boring!

#8. Riders
Image result for Riders book When I saw the plot of this I remember being super excited. And then I read it.................... It had good things about it such as: the characters having to learn to work together,  and, of course Sebastian, but there were some things I just couldn't get past. Like the main character (War) is an arrogant hotheaded jerk and he shows no signs of improving in these areas. He also seems to ,objectify  Darren a little bit.  He is, frankly, a butthead. And how am I suppose to  root for the characters when the MC is so ulikeable? That was just  one of my many problems with this book.

#9. Heroes of Olympus
Image result for heroes of olympus While the PJO series is the best thing since Chocolate,  this series was......... not quite up to that level.  Don't get me wrong, I still really liked this series. It had many familiar elements us Percy Jackson fans have gotten used to:  Sarcastic dialog, fun monster battles, some great new characters, and plot twists.  But it also introduced  some things I  haven't seen from Riordan before, and frankly didn't like. It definitely had a much darker theme to it. Which would have been fine and all, if it weren't for the fact that part of the reason the original books are so great is because of their sarcastic lighthearted feel. I also didn't like some of the worldly themes Riordan decided to incorporate into the series (*Cough* Nico *Cough*) and the unnecessary teen drama annoyed me.
Yet despite all the annoyed ranting, I did still enjoy the series, and I still recommend it.

#10. Narnia
Image result for Narnia books I just didn't like these for no reason in particular. They never clicked for me. That's not to say that you will not like them, it's just I did not. I really should have, but I didn't, case closed.

So there you have it! a list of 5 underrated and Overrated Books.  I'm sorry about not posting last week, I was sick. Which I know is a really lame excuse but............. still.

What books do you think are Overrated and Underrated and what are some of your favorites? Leave it in the comments below.