Friday, March 10, 2017

Book to Movie Adaptions

Ah, book to movie adaptations. The very thing that makes you want to scream, stab something, and stress eat Ice cream all at the same time. If it's done well you want to watch it 100+ times. But if it isn't exactly what you had hoped, well....... lets just say the director will probably need security guards for the rest of their life.

Movies such as: Lord of the Rings and The Hunger Games, all stuck to the books and were huge successes. Although, that's probably all just completely coincidental.

Sadly, however, not all movies are smart. Some of them are just like: "I don't need you book! I'm going to be my own separate Bookson" 

To give an example let me talk (Rage) about a bad adaption. I'm pretty sure you guys know exactly which one: PERCY JACKSON!

Pretty much the only things recognizable to the books were (1) The characters names and (2) Luke Castellan's personality. The similarities end there.

The whole point of the quest was changed. For some reason the directors thought it would be a better plot if they went questing to find a bunch of pearls (Which were given to them in the beginning of the book) that let you teleport once, rather than them going to try to find a super powerful weapon that could start a civil war between the gods. Go figure

And get this. Percy. Did. Not. Make. One. Sarcastic. Comment. The. Whole. Movie. Just NO! Percy's sarcastic narration was one of the best things about the books.

Sometimes I just wish that the movies were people so I could murder them (Although, killing them wouldn't be that hard. I would probably just have to show it the book and it would just vanish. Sort of like how the Bible scares away demons)

But, of course, if you like the movies that's fine. I promise that I won't hunt you down and murder you. I'll only remove a few limbs. Much less messy that way (Ok, I'm not that creepy. I'm a nice person, I promise)

This whole post comes down to one sentence:

What did you think of the Percy Jackson movies or just adaptations in general. Do you like/not like them? Talk to me in the comments below. Come now, don't be shy, I only bite 50% of the time.



  1. Love PJO, haven't seen the movies. I recently saw the trailer for the Sea of Monsters movie, though, and it looked pretty good...
    Books always go deeper, but I love movie adaptations because of the visual it gives (music and all that). My favorite movie adaptation has to be the Maze Runner. That was just so cool.
    However, I don't love it when movies veer waaaay too off-course (which book nerd would?). I haven't seen the PJ movies, but I want to just to be able to form my own opinion. Don't worry - I brace myself for disappointment, especially after you said that Percy's sarcasm isn't even THERE. *gasp of horror*

  2. It's always great to form your own opinions! If you want to see them to find out what you think about them don't let me or any other disappointed fan stop you.

    You might actually like them. They weren't so bad as long as you can see them as just their own movies and not associated with the books.

    And I agree with you, the visual effect of movies can add a good sort of quality to them.

    I've also never seen the Maze Runner movie I was always on the fence about seeing them due to differing opinions, but now tanks to your comment I might decide to watch them.