Saturday, April 22, 2017

Authors That Stand Out To Me And Why Part 1

Hey guys! I had at first intended to write a post about my predictions for Cars 3, but then I realized that wouldn't make for a very good post, so instead I am blogging about authors that stand out to me in their unique categories and why

#1 Brandon Sanderson: World Building.

Sanderson is known for doing a lot of great things with the fantasy genre, and world building is one of them. He has this way of incorporating races, and religion, and government, and any other world building thingy you can think of and incorporates it into his plot.

We see this very vividly in Elantris. Religion, magic, government, and lots of other details in his world are the main focus of his plot.

That's something that I love when it happens, where you can see that they didn't just create the world of the top of their head because they needed to, but because it's a main focus of the story. And if you haven't read Elantris then stop what you're doing (Unless you're reading this blog, in which case you're doing something just as valuable to your time) and go pick up a copy right now!

#2 Rick Riordan: Characters.

Go big or go home! that is pretty much Riordan's motto when it comes to writing characters.

Along with making his characters extremely likeable and overall amazing, he also slips in all kinds of little quirks that make them enjoyable as well.

His characters are just on a whole other level.

He should also be widely acknowledged for his character development. Any character of his that you don't like at first and isn't an antagonist you will eventually end up liking. His character development is off the charts!!!!  Take Alex Fierro for instance. I absolutely hated Her/Him (Alex is a complicated case) at first! He/She was that same boring oh I'm such a tough buff girl who hates everybody type of character. But then the story progressed.......... and *Spoiler alert* she really grew on me!

That's Riordan for you! Someone with talents no mortal could achieve, and some of the most sass I've ever seen.

#3 Eoin Colfer: Diversity

Ok, I'm not gonna lie. there's actually two reasons why Colfer is on this list. (A) Because he's Eoin Colfer and therefore should be included in all author realted posts and (B) because of his story diversity.

He wrote a series about an anti-hero who basically helps and yet makes trouble for a bunch of faries. He wrote a story about a plot to overthrow a kingdom. A book about a girl who has to help write a wrong if she wants to get to heaven. And finally a book about..... wait for it...... IRON MAN!

As you can see there is quite a bit of diversity in those stories. They do all contain certain Colfer smidgets in them such as his high level of snark, but the writing and plot all look completely different.

Time and time again he never ceases to impress me.

So those are just 3 particular authors that stand out to me in different ways.

Who are some authors that stand out to you and why? Let me know in the comments below and we shall rant about bookishness stuff!


  1. Interesting post! I love Rick Riordan especially for his characters, too :D However, I didn't read the one with Alex Fierro in it, because as a Christian, I don't want to read about or support the idea of transgender. It's my belief that since God created each of us as we are, it's weird and wrong to try to say we're something different. And I mean no offense to you whatsoever, but I'm a little bit confused that you seem to be fine with it.

    He does so well with characters overall, though! :D

  2. Let me start out by saying that I do not by any means support the idea of transgender. It goes completely against God's plan for us, and we should not try to re-identify ourselves. And while it's true that I do read some books with that in it other things against my belief systems, I am not for it.

    It was never my intention to imply that I didn't mind Alex is trans, all I meant for this post to acknowledge was that Alex grew on me as a character.

    I also know that you and many others will probably wonder then why I read books with that stuff in it, if I do not support it, and really, all of it comes down to my belief in what defines something as worldly. My belief is that it's not terrible to read things with that stuff in it provided that (1) it's good themes overshadow the bad ones. (2) Nothing is super explicit. (3) That I'm able to keep in mind that it's bad. And (4) That it doesn't turn our focus away from God.

    Anyway those are just my opinions! If you don't agree with me that's fine! Everyone is entitled to have their own opinions!

    Also, no offense taken! You had concerns and you voiced them. I have the utmost respect for that!

    And yes, Rick Riordan is an amazing character builder! :D

    1. Okay, thank you for clearing that up! Personally, I avoid books with stuff like transgender as if it's the plague because I don't want it getting into my head, and I know that God doesn't want it in my head either, nor in yours. It's my belief that it's best to completely avoid it. But you're right, opinions differ. And those four guidelines are excellent!