Friday, July 14, 2017

Intro to my WIP

Hey guys how've you been? I realize that I've kind of disappeared off the face of the earth for the past few weeks and I'm sorry about that, life just decided it suddenly wanted to make me busy and so once I've gotten the time to blog I've just bern too exhausted. However, today I have decided to break the curse and get back into it! (Please don't run away!)

This week I've decided to tell you a little about my current WIP which I will hopefully actually finish this time, (Probably not, but at least there's hope?) Anyway let's hasten to it before I annoy you to death.

Synopsis that I totally didn't make up on the spot:

Boron has very little memory. Flashes, dreams of what used to be will occasionally surface, but nothing helpful enough to help him piece together who or what he was. But when two strangers encounter him and teach him what it is to feel human again his refound emotions make him see his memories in a light that have him question whether he used to be the good guy or the bad one.

I realize after typing it out that  the synopsis is really bad, but it's the best I have right now so deal with it!

Keep in mind that that this book is still in the outlining stages so it may have some major changes happen to it eventually. For now though this be what the story is

What do you think of the synopsis, is it vague? Is there anything I can do to improve it? Are you working on any projects? If so I'd love to hear about them! Chat with me in the comments below.


  1. Sounds very Jason Bourne ish. But it would be interesting to see the twist you'll put on it. Keep writing! You can do it!

    1. I haven't watched or read Jason Bourne but from what I've heard about it it does sound kind of similar!

      Thanks for the support! I really appreciate it!

  2. Oooh sounds super cool!! Not bad for a synopsis rough draft. You capture a lot in just a few sentences. I don't think it's vague at all. Do you have a title for it yet?

    1. Yay! I'm really glad that the description isn't vague I was a little worried that it was but I guess my brain is just biased:D

      As of right now I don't have a title for it, but I'm hoping one will come to me as I write it

  3. You're back! :D

    This story sounds awesome, and your synopsis is bad at all! I haven't even written a synopsis for my WIP yet, but I really, REALLY should.

    A way you could improve it would be to introduce the setting, though :)

    Good luck with the outlining!

    1. Sorry, I meant your synopsis is NOT bad at all *smiles sheepishly*

    2. Thanks for the encouragement! I really appreciate it!

      And I forgot to mention setting in my synopsis so thanks for reminding me. I'll definitely be adding it to my revised synopsis :D