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Hey! welcome to my blog. Allow me to introduce myself. I'm Emrys Merlin (fans of BBC'S Merlin will get the reference) To tell you all a little about myself: I am a Christian, Homeschooled geeky teen ( And when I say geek, I mean a fan of movies and books. Not a smart science dude) I'm also known by most of my friends as "Fangirl" or "The only boy who squeals" I encourage you guys to not use those nicknames. Some of my favorite fandoms are: Star Wars, Marvel Movies (Especially the Cap-America trilogy) Rangers apprentice, Percy Jackson, Merlin, Pirates of the Carribean, Harry Potter, and lots more. So yeah, that pretty much describes me. If you feel like being nice and taking pity on my poor people and grammatical skills than SUBSCRIBE! And if not. Than I will find you and throw you in Mordor! mwahaha!

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  1. Hello, Emrys! I'm also a Christian homeschooler, who is a geek for books and movies! :D

    And the Mordor reference... XD