My Reviewing Policy

Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog! In case it hasn't been made strikingly obvious by the number of bookish posts I've done, I'm a huge bookworm! And as such I love to review books.

If you're an author interested in getting your work out there and would like me to review it, you can contact me via the contact form at the bottom of this page. If I decide that it's something that I want to review I will read the book and post an honest review here on my blog, on my Amazon, and on my Goodreads,.  in return for a free copy of your book, which you provide. (I will read: mobi [Kindle] or physical copy formats)

However, I will not in most cases read books of the following genres: Romance, Nonfiction, Children's fiction, and horror.

I also will not read any books with any overly explicit content no matter the type of content.

Thank you for your consideration, and I hope we can do business together! :D


  1. Hi Emerys

    I came across you on twitter, I then took a look at your blog and really like your style. I wonder if you would be interested in reviewing one of my children's books - Ronaldo: The Reindeer Flying Academy.

    This is a review, which I think describes the book quite well.

    "A NEW SHERIFF IN TOWN" and the name is "Ronaldo”

    Ronaldo is a young flying reindeer cadet who someday dreams of becoming one of Santa's reindeer, just like his hero, Vixen. With the love and support of his friends and family and the great advice of his grandpa he can face his greatest challenge yet, the Endurance Challenge. Ronaldo doesn't have a "traditional" reindeer name (like Dasher) so he faces some bullying from his peers. In the end this little underdog gets to be a big time hero. And despite all his slap-stick humor style clumsiness he gets to enjoy his success with pride

    Here is the link to the first book in the Ronaldo series and please let me know if this is something that appeals to you.

    Thank you for your time

    Kind regards

    1. Hey Maxine! First off I want to thank you for your offer to review this book! It sounds like a very cool children's book and I'm sure that it's outstanding, but unfortunately I'm going to have to say no. It just isn't the type of book that I typically like to read and as such I don't think I could review it with fair justice.

      I want to thank you once again for your kind offer though, and I wish you the best of luck!

      Kind regards
      Emrys Merlin